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QUOVO Corporate Social Responsibility Diary – Donations to Resthaven


QUOVO Donates to Resthaven - As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

QUOVO Donates to Resthaven – As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A bit from Quovo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Diary –

QUOVO  believes in revealing our duty to all our stakeholders including the communities in the health care industry. similarly, Quovo runs several Corporate Social Responsibility projects during this year in parallel to the Global pandemic. This step is to uplift the living standard of our local community during this pandemic. As an initiative, donations were granted to Resthaven South Australia.

Resthaven offers residential aged care, retirement living, and respite accommodation for Elders in Adelaide. Team Quovo donated some of our fantastic products to assist the Resthaven residents & staff members. Also, this was one of the state government requirements. Protecting residents and staff from the ongoing Covid 19. As a South Australian company, We QUOVO  joined hands with Resthaven in this global pandemic to help residential elders & Staff & HCPs under the theme of “Quovo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Diary”.

.Like all residential care homes, Resthaven had to set some safety measures for staff and residents in order to protect them from COVID 19. In September, Premier Steven Marshall announced changes to the residential caregivers. However, this affected the way all residential care homes operated. These changes required all doctors, nurses, and allied health workers to wear PPE within 1.5 meters of a resident. According to them. Residential safety is the highest priority. More organizations wanted to launch Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during this time but they faced challenges like travel restrictions and high demand for PPEs. 

We identified that the burden of these changes has fallen on the providers. Therefore as an ongoing project, QUOVO donated 100 face shields and 2000 masks to Resthaven under the project Quovo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Diary.

Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Darren Birbeck, Stated

All aged care providers had to change their operational safety measures due to the ongoing Pandemic. Had to take steps to ensure all requirements of managing COVID-19 are followed as per the government. All staff members have to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).and also maintain a distance of 1.5 meters according to the direction of SA Emergency Management. However, this is a more challenging task for caregivers and HCPS to do their daily routine. Staff members can not perform their duties by maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters from the resident. Consumption of PPE within the premises has been drastically increased which is also an unbearable additional expenditure to the admin. We are delighted to receive this donation of PPE from QUOVO. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

If you have found that you are short on any PPE supplies, no matter what sector you’re in, let us know. We believe in ”Quality and Safety as a priority and Hope to join hands with the community for more Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the future. 

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