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A quick intro to QUOVO Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are one of the many different types of gloves used in the medical and dental industries. Predominantly the gloves used are made of either latex or nitrile. You can read more about these in our past article that discussed latex glove allergies. Vinyl gloves are generally used for different purposes within the healthcare industry. Vinyl gloves are used in low-risk health care settings, cleaning and food handling. While they do provide a level of hygiene to the task and protection to the user, it is often to the same level as a nitrile or latex glove. 

Why use Vinyl Gloves?

The advantage with these gloves is that they are generally the cheaper option. Although, they do vary in price based on the quality of the product. Vinyl gloves are easy to don because they are not as firm fitting as the other materials. Being made out of vinyl, these gloves are latex free. This means it shares the latex free advantage that nitrile gloves have. They are resistant to water and oils. However, they are not as resistant to chemicals as nitrile gloves. They do provide the user with a level of physical protection from foreign materials. 

Vinyl gloves do tend to be quite loose and not that flexible. Due to the cuff having a low level of elasticity they can tear easily when stretched. This issue is mitigated by the fact that they are not designed to be tight fitting. The material does not provide the user with as much touch sensation as nitrile or latex gloves. This means undertaking actions that require fine motor skills or that are heavily dependent on the wearer’s ability to feel the tools will be tough. Gloves made of vinyl are also more prone to punctures and cuts from sharp objects.  


Vinyl is quite a translucent material. The colours these gloves come in are blue or clear. In workplaces where a clinical look is important, these gloves are not ideal. However, in workplaces, where just a simple hygiene barrier is needed and not fine movements are being executed, these gloves are very useful.  

If you require a glove for cleaning, handling waste or just for general non-medical use, and it is to be used very frequently than the QUOVO vinyl glove is highly recommended. 

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