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Latex Gloves & Facts about Quovo Examination Gloves

As we all know Gloves are used to protect hands from injuries & substances that can affect to individual’s Health. Similarly, For certain Professionals, it is a must to ware pair of gloves to perform their duties. Among them, Health care professionals use different types of disposable gloves for various types of purposes. Specifically, Patient & Sample Examination, general & dental Surgeries, Laboratory Purposes, Chemotherapy, and Veterinary clinics. There are 3 major types of gloves used by HCPs ( Health care professionals).

1. Latex Gloves

QUOVO multi purpose examination gloves

2. Nitrile Gloves

3. Vinyl Gloves


Above all, latex gloves are popular among them. These are very common in the healthcare industry due to the availability, Cost, and as fit for the job. Let’s get to know more about latex gloves

What is the raw material used?

It is a natural substance (a whitish liquid similar to milk) that is extracted from a Rubber tree or ( Other names – Para Rubber tree, Sharinfa tree, Seringueira). The scientific name of the plant is Heavea Brasilliensis.  Also, It is a commercial crop and natural rubber is made out of the latex of these trees and this is biodegradable.

Furthermore, This natural rubber latex has an elasticity nature which can also be known as elongation ability. Therefore disposable gloves made out of latex have tear resistance properties. latex gloves are sensitive to high temperatures. But it is ideal for low heat temperatures. Latex gloves are not permeable to liquids. these are very hard to puncture or tear unless you use a sharpened object.  Also, very thinner so touch sensitivity is very higher. Similarly, These gloves were flexible & multi-purpose.

Quovo Latex gloves protect you from 

disposable gloves can protect you from Viruses, bacteria, and various types of liquids & substances that are poisonous to human skin. It acts as a barrier to cross-contaminate your hands with humans, various goods, tools, and surfaces from potentially hazardous materials.

Benefits of disposable Latex gloves

Quavo is well known as a leading dental &  medical equipment, and consumable supplier in Adelaide South Australia. We provide our products & services to Hospitals, dental clinics, wholesalers & retailers. Furthermore, We provide the best quality and low-cost PPE & range of consumable products to our clients.

Quovo has a wide range of disposable gloves including Nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves & Latex gloves. Also, we have (medical-grade ( Examination gloves). in addition, these gloves have different features & Benefits which vary according to the nature of the task. Our main focus is to provide quality hand gloves to our clients by ensuring the safety of end users.

On the other hand, We Provide Bulk supplies, even smaller quantities to clinic institutions around South Australia. Our key strengths are On-time delivery & Continuous supply for an attractive & Competitive price. Meanwhile, Our Quovo website provides you with a quality online purchase experience while showcasing our range of products. it allows you to hazel free online purchasing & Delivers to your doorsteps.QUOVO multi clean glove disposable multipurpose examination

Quovo Latex  Examination Gloves

Latex examination glove,

Powder-free, Non-sterile, Polymer coated
Natural Latex
Ambidextrous, Full palm textured, Beaded cuff
100pcs/inner box, 10 inner boxes/carton




Single wall thickness (finger) 0.12 +/-0.02 mm
Single wall thickness (palm) 0.11 +/-0.02 mm
Cuff length 240 mm


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