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Perioperative Care Nurses in Australia – Should Develop the following Skills

Perioperative Care Nurses are one of the most demanding avenues in the Nursing career. As we all know, Nursing is not a Job. It is a great humanity service that is beyond professionalism. It is one of the most respectable and honored occupations in the entire universe.  Also,  Nursing is a vast subject that spreads in a lot of directions. Among them one of the popular avenues in Nursing is called Perioperative Care Nurses – The practice of providing nursing care for patients Before, During, and After surgery.

What is Perioperative care?

Set of steps, and procedures followed by Medical professionals in the preparation of patients to face the 3 stages of surgery. They are namely, Before Surgery, During Surgery, and After Surgery.

Also, they called this as

Nurses( perioperative care nurses ) who are in operating theater are suffering in many ways during these 3 phases of perioperative care. they suffer physically as well as mentally due to the nature of the job, Its is a risky & stressfulness set of tasks & procedures they follow to maintain a minimum percentage of error. End of the day we all must remember the life of patients depends on every little tiny decision or action they make. Sometimes these nurses not only manage the patients but their families & friends. Therefore perioperative nurses act as a point of communication between these loved ones. They should develop a set of skills to manage all these stressful situations in order to deliver high-quality service. 

Different types of  nurses specialize in various fields:

Here are a few key

Basics  & Soft skills a Perioperative Care Nurse should practice.

Attitude & Self-confidence, Networking, team spirit building, leadership, empathy, communication, knowledge sharing, stress managing, innovative problem solving, and kindness. these soft skills are also very vital to a Perioperative Care Nurse who wants a bright future in his or her career. 

In Australia, there is a huge demand for these qualified well-experienced Nurses. Specially Perioperative care nurses. Also, In South Australia, there is an association to benefit perioperative care nurses within SA!

The South Australian Perioperative Nurses Association (SAPNA) is a local organization that has been supporting perioperative care nurses for the past 50 years.

For information on how to be involved with SAPNA, follow this link: https://www.sapna.org.au SAPNA

We Quovo like to contribute to enhancing the knowledge & share experience in the industry to find out the best personalities for these demanding professions. Speaking more about these professionals is very important. Especially, Perioperative Care nursing & the nature of their job role. We should encourage our younger generations to select their careers in these professions. At the same time, we should keep working on bringing global knowledge to the industry. It will help to benchmark the Australian healthcare sector as a trendsetter by encouraging more & More worldwide people to enter these professional careers.  We should all show respect and honor to all the health care professionals for their remarkable efforts to create a healthy Australian community. 

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QUOVO – South Australian is The best brand of medical and dental consumables.

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