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What is Tooth decaying, Factors affecting & Good oral health Practices

What is Tooth decaying, Factors affecting & Good oral health Practices

Simply tooth decay occurs when you consume more sugary products on a daily basis. On the other hand, Sweets are the main growth factor of Bacteria.  Also, this may result in forming a sticky layer on the tooth surface. This is known as plaque. This produces acid after the consumption of sweetened products. In most cases, patients only get to know about the severity of the condition once it’s visible and get symptoms.

below you can see teeth with Plaque

plaque in teeth

plaque in teeth









Sugar & tooth decaying

Tooth decaying Bacteria image (Streptococcus mutans).

Image of Streptococcus mutans. (Bacteria) causes tooth decaying

Millions of Bacteria live inside our mouth, however, Streptococcus mutans is the bacteria that cause tooth decay mostly. Moreover, these Bacteria use Sugar from drinks and food we consume and attack the surface of the tooth due to this the enamel dissolves and may ultimately lead to tooth decay. This could be a very slow process and may arise after the consumption of food including sweets.

Saliva is a natural factor that replaces the minerals back in the teeth. Generally, the mouth consists of both harmful bacteria as well as protective components. If the harmful factors become more powerful than the protective factors tooth decaying takes place.

Who will be affected by tooth decay?

As mentioned above the high-risk age group is the children between the ages of 4-6 years of age. In the same way, anyone who consumes sugar-related products constantly could be at a high risk of tooth decay. also, this could be even worse if the sweet-related food intake is stickier and if they are consumed in between main meals.

Especially smokers and people who consume alcohol are also at higher risk as well. Furthermore, Based on a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) it was concluded that the lower income household is more likely to suffer from tooth decaying than higher income households due to factors like accessibility to medical services and poor hygiene levels.

What are the symptoms?

Side effects of tooth decaying

How to prevent it?

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